Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Crafty T-shirt Aprons (for kids)

This was ALL my husband. I own two aprons. I have two children, when I cook with my apron on, they both want to join in my apron wearing. That tends to create a bit of a problem when I'm cooking something really messy. I had been planning on making them aprons for Christmas gifts, and I probably still will. However, one day, to avoid fights or fits, my husband put his engineering skills to work.
Start with an adult sized T-shirt. We took them from our closet, ones that we don't/can't wear anymore. (Making these aprons FREE!)

Cut 1:Starting just below the center back of the collar, cut around the collar in each direction towards the shoulder seams. (This will create the neck strap.)
Cuts 2 & 3: Continuing from cut 1, make a diagonal cut from each shoulder seam to the side seam just under each sleeve.Cut 4: Make a straight cut across the back to connect cuts 2 & 3.

Cuts 5 & 6: Make a cut from the bottom of the shirt along each side seam (I recommend cutting just to the front of the seam in order to eliminate it from the apron.) stopping 1 1/2 to 2 in. from cut 4.

Cut 7: Cut straight across the back to connect cuts 5 & 6.

Cut 8: Cut the remaining strip of fabric between cuts 4 and 7 in half to create the ties for the apron.

And you have yourself an apron! From here, you can easily add any embellishments and finishing touches you want. Or if you just need a good crafting apron for the kids, it works well as is.

As you can see, my little princess has no embellishments on hers right now, I mean it was designed and developed by a man, but both kids love them. And, my man was pretty proud of himself. Like I said...ALL him. Ingenious!

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