Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi! My name is Melissa. I am a wife and a mother of a couple of adorable kids who can keep me quite busy. I named this blog "Lissa's Crafty Corner" for a couple of different reasons. I'm really not very crafty in the traditional sense. For example, I just made my little girl an assortment of adorable hair bows, all of which had to be repaired after one use or less. Most of the traditional crafts I attempt share the same fate as the bows. My craft originates in one humble corner of my house....the kitchen! So, the majority of my posts will most likely be recipes, but I didn't want to limit this blog to food. If I come across something that's a great idea, I wanted it to fit with the theme of the blog. So now that you have my explanation, we can get down to business.
P.S. I encourage comments, suggestions, ideas and recipes!

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